Our founding

The foundations for Thermoworx started in 2009 when owner Jamie Blair started trading as BLRTRONICS, primarily listing on eBay to try and generate some interest in our unusual polymers.

Early years

After successfully developing a small but steady, daily demand for the materials it was obvious that there was more potential to this than just a hobby run from home. After successful marketing campaigns and advertising via YouTube we gained millions of views on our content.

A proud moment

Interest was growing and we attracted sponsorship opportunities for workshops and student projects which we were delighted about. We would donate several kilograms of material to student workshops and projects. This was exciting for us, as these were people who appreciated the materials like we did and seeing the creations they could make made it all worthwhile.

Hello Thermoworx

Thermoworx Ltd officially started trading in 2015 as we had now outgrown our sole trader routes. This was a massive year for us, we expanded into our first warehouse, bought our first machinery and took on our first employees.

Product developement

Thermoworx has developed working relations with inventors and companies looking to create and develop new product solutions for multiple markets worldwide. Due to many successful ventures we are involved in, we will always welcome and encourage these types of enquiries.

This is just the beginning...

We are proud of how far we have come, our products are now bought by some of the largest retailers, and we continue to distribute on a worldwide scale. Biodegradable polymers can hopefully be a solution to reduce the use of single-use plastics - not only by replacing them, but by being able to fix plastic items that would otherwise be disposed of.