Colour pigments for morph thermoplastics. Add colour to your creations with these pigments. Mix pigments to get different shades and colours. For low temperature hand mouldable thermoplastics

Colour Pigments


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✔ Compatible Whitemorph and Coolmorph
✔ 1g of pigment per 20g of polymer
✔ 50g per colour pouch
✔ Can be mixed to create different shades
✔ Reuse without colour loss

Thermoworx Colouring Pigments allows you to add colour to your creations!

1. Melt desired amount of polymer
2. Mould into a disk shape
3. Apply a pinch of pigment to the centre
4. Fold the polymer keeping the colour locked in the polymer
5. Continue to fold and squash until fully coloured
6. You may need to re-heat the polymer throughout the process