Hand tool handles


Making new handles for your old hand tools can make them last longer and be more comfortable to use.  No need to buy new tool sets when you can modify your old ones to suit.   

Materials used

Allen key used
1 FORMcard in fluorescent orange
5g Blackmorph

Large screwdriver used
35g Blackmorph
1/2 FORMcard fluorescent orange

How to

Melt the blackmorph and formcards individually in hot water
Mould the formcard or blackmorph around the handle of the tool 
Make sure the material bonds to itself all around the handle.
You can roll on a flat surface to give a neater finish or push your hand into them for a custom grip
Leave to harden
Once hard the handle on the allen keys should be removable so that you can still use both ends of the allen keys. The screwdriver handle will be permanent unless you re-melt it.