Custom grip multi-bit screwdriver


This creation allows for a very comfortable customized grip as well as being able to change the screw bits around. This object has a small magnet moulded within the blackmorph so that the screw bits stay securely in place. The magnet is not necessary however it is recommended  

Materials used

35g Blackmorph

How to

Melt pellets in hot water
Start by moulding the blackmorph into your preference of grip  
 You should have more blackmorph coming out between your index finger and thumb
Push the small magnet into place from the front end (the end where the screw bit will go) 
You can surround the magnet in the blackmorph
From where you just pushed the magnet into, push the back of a screw bit into here.
You will have to hold the screw bit in place and make sure you are applying pressure around the base of this to make sure the housing will be tight
Continue applying pressure around the base of the screw bit until the blackmorph hardens
You should then be able to easily replace the screw bits 
Re-heat and re-shape if further changes are required